After more than 15 years of Agile Marketing, it’s time to turn off my Mac, put my Pantone swatch in a drawer and say thank you to all the Customers and suppliers who have shared my journey.

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marketing is changing whether business owners want it to or not!

Today, whether you sell to businesses (b2b) or consumers (b2c) there’s an ever increasing and constantly changing array of marketing vehicles to use; social media, SEO, pay-per-click, YouTube, blogs, website analytics, tablets and smartphones. Being an AGILE marketer means managing and maximizing all of these new tools consistently alongside the more traditional marketing methods.

The arrival of ‘always on’ mobile technologies and the ever-increasing number of customer touchpoints has had a drastic impact on how the modern businesses interacts with customers.

Marketers can no longer spend months working on a campaign or project, but must now innovate and respond quickly to the constantly evolving needs of their clients.

There’s a lot to juggle!


how we keep our clients agile:

We do MORE with less (and we do it FAST)

Being agile means that we are able to act or adapt quickly to an event, an opportunity or a trend. We make sure that we understand the core benefits and facts about your brand, your products and your services, so that we can act quickly across multiple marketing channels to deliver maximum impact and returns on limited budgets.

We make it all about the Consumer

Agile marketers work harder to understand and target the right audiences for whatever we are marketing. This is done by focusing on what the ‘Consumer’ of the product or service needs and then addressing this in our marketing messages and the audiences that we approach.

We keep it simple and consistent

One of the greatest advantages of ‘agile’ marketing is that we ensure that your brand and brand values are at the centre of everything we do. This enables us to promote you professionally, consistently and quickly across multiple channels, in a way that is simple to understand and act on.


we deliver relevant sales leads

It’s true that some traditional marketing methods like advertising, brochures, packaging, display graphics etc. are as much about impact and brand awareness as they are about selling – but the agile marketer also utilises modern online, mobile and electronic marketing tools, which allow us to deliver, track, use and maximise real-time sales leads.

We create > test > analyse > adapt > target (and do it quickly)!

Modern marketing tools like ‘social media’ allow agile marketers to very quickly test messages, campaigns, target markets and calls-to-action, so that we can learn what works before committing too much time and budget to it.

This approach allows us to try new things with our clients, with the benefit of being able to test an idea, a headline or a call-to-action (and learn from the results), before we commit to the larger campaign.





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